I got a dead tree letter to renew my domain. Do I need to pay it? Print

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No!  There are disreputable companies that send out letters that appear to be invoices. Many unsuspecting victims pay the highly overpriced "renewal" fees. Compare the $50 renewal fees in the letters to our $18/yr renewal fee and you'll see that is almost certainly not what you want. These scammers apparently make enough money to continue mailing out millions of those pseudo-invoices.

The Art Farm does two things to help prevent this predation of our clients. First, we shield your contact information from the scammers by publishing our role information with your domain. This prevents you from getting these notices in the first place.

The second thing we do is renewing your domain on your behalf. The only bills you ever have to pay for your hosting come from us. When in doubt, if it didn't come from us, you don't have to pay it. 

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