HTTP/2 support has been deployed

  • 27th January 2018
Most web sites have been upgraded with HTTP/2 support. For web clients that support it, HTTP/2 provides faster page loading.
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Apple Pay is now accepted

  • 31st July 2017
If you're device supports it, you can now pay your invoices with Apple Pay.
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Let's Encrypt TLS certificates

  • 22nd January 2017
We've replaced nearly all our TLS/SSL certificates with new automatically-renewing ones from Let's Encrypt. We have discontinued all certificate sales and we are rolling out SSL certs for all web sites.
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hard drive updates

  • 23rd October 2016
Today we completed the transition to a larger mirrored pair of disks. Later today we'll have a period of downtime while we apply firmware updates to the system as well.
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